alsig heating and air conditioning - They overcharged us for work not needed

Los Angeles, California 3 comments

Alsig heating and airconditioning is not legal...they are not a licensed contractor in california, although they claim to be.they are not licensed, bonded or insured.

the owner larry goltz does not even have a valid EPA license to use freon

beware he will say you need hundreds of dollars in needed repairs when all that was wrong was a fuse. when approached that he is deceitful in his advertising and charging for items not needed he becomes quite benevolent. All I can say is buyer beware.

we had to have another company come out to straighten out his mess.

Review about: Overcharging.



To further prove Craig Summers who is Steve Beiner is a lier Alsig would not be able to buy & sell freon if they did not have an EPA licence.

He keeps writing reports in different names but all the reports go back to his E-Mail & this has now confirmed by the operators of this web site.

Ierapetra, Lasithi, Greece #36569

larry goltz cannot produce any required licenses for maintaining and repairing heating and a/c.just go to google and type in california state contractors license board.

look up alsig heating and a/c or larry goltz and you will not find anything. he is a fraud.

he has lied for too many years and to too many people.Oh, and he cannot produce a epa license to buy freon.

Ancient Oaks, Pennsylvania, United States #32231

This report was written by an ex employee we fired, we do have all the required licences for maintaing & repairing heating & air cond. equipment. All the above comments are fabicated lies.

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